The Little Brown Box Ambassadors

Nathalie Smith

After the birth of my first son I found myself 2 years postpartum - exhausted, overweight, and hating my body. I could never fit into anything I wanted to. I tried every diet, pill, program and system imaginable, and not one of them worked.

 Then I discovered some epic secrets about dietary cleansing and nutritional superfoods and I experienced some incredible results - the kind of results I had been looking for all along. Within 11 days my pants were very lose and everyone had noticed I was shrinking and my moods were better. People were begging me to I tell them what I was doing! So I did. 
Every single person got results, and this thing simply spread like crazy. Through this journey, I began to learn more about how much I want to help people. I want people to get their lives back, in every possible way.
To have TOTAL wellness. Physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. And that’s exactly what this vehicle and culture provides. 

I have received hundreds of messages from people thanking me for introducing me to this lifestyle.

And guess what?

I want to help hundreds and hundreds more.

This is why I have started this movement of      

I am committed to seeing people get the results that they have been looking for their whole lives.

To live the life that they want, and to be free in every possible way...

Free of their burdens. 
Free to live their purpose to a higher level.
Free to spend their life the way they want to. 
"When you have your health, you have 1,000 dreams. When you don't, you only have 1.”
My goal is to show people how to dream again - and it all starts with their health.

Brittany Orellana

My journey is so much more than weight loss. It's about becoming the best version of myself... and loving the process. The girl on the left always struggled to find happiness and confidence. I never felt good enough and I struggled with my self worth.

3 years ago I was working full time as an assistant store manager in retail and I was eating mall food everyday, I had no energy, and along with feeling so uncomfortable in my skin... I felt lost and without purpose in my current job. I was waiting for an opportunity to free me from my physical and financial pain and give me a life I could be excited and proud of. Then I was introduced to    and my life completely changed. As soon as I started the products my body began to transform. I was losing toxic pounds, regaining energy and I started to feel alive! I had so many friends notice my results and my new gained hope for life so I began sharing it with everyone I knew! Within a few months I was able to quit my corporate job and begin living my purpose helping other people become their best selves. The income I have been able to create from this opportunity has changed my life... but more than the income is the friendships, personal development, and community I have gained as well.

I'm forever grateful for #thelittlebrownbox for giving me the pathway to the life I always dreamt of! So excited to continue my journey and to see what I'm capable next!


Cassie Smith

3 yrs now of fueling my body with the best nutrition & feeling so good. You see the girl on the left was very sad; daily she avoided the mirror, daily she told herself she was not good enough, daily she ended up frustrated & in tears at what her life had become. Trying to mend a broken life with a broken heart & a terrible attitude wasn't working so all she did was eat for comfort & make excuses...sad is an understatement.

Now look at me on the right! This girl has worked tirelessly to better herself, physically, spiritually, mentally & financially. This girl has achieved so much, she has mended her wounds she has fixed that hole in her heart & believes so much in herself. She is taking on the world one day at a time with a smile & is so excited for what's to come because she's strong a fighter & open to new things.

Sometimes it's hard to talk about our successes but when you are so comfortable with yourself know it's so good to celebrate milestones, I'm grateful for the girl on the right & for The Little Brown Box & so excited to keep running to my goals!!


Whitney Lambert

After getting married, all you want to do is play and spend all the time you can with your new spouse right?

Well for me, that was what I wanted, but wasn't what was happening. My husband and I were working and going to school full time, yet we were still scraping by on bills. We only saw one another when we were going to bed, which caused so much stress on both of us. And eating was a way I dealt with stress. I continued to gain weight and was so uncomfortable in my own skin on the daily.... it started to affect me and my marriage.

Flash forward    entering my life... Now 2.5 years later I can't even describe the happiness I have. Pure joy of loving what you see in the mirror and the confidence to choose anything from your closet. It gave me a community of some of my closest friends now, and a support system bigger than I could have asked for.

Naturally people noticed a change in me, and asked what I was doing. Now because I shared my results with others, I have replaced my income, was able to quit my corporate job, support my husband in his dream, and spend so much time on trips I never thought possible at my age. My jaw nearly drops thinking back on how my life was, to where it is going now.


Kimberly Vance

Early 2016 was a big roller coaster for me! I'd just had our second baby, but my cravings and my wearing of maternity clothes didn't end. My husband and I were caught up in a rather unsavory business situation that left us financially stretched to the max. Our son had just been accepted to a perfect yet expensive private school. I wasn't taking care of myself at all. Oh and my husband was getting ready to leave on his fourth deployment with the National Guard in six years. I knew I wouldn't survive without a change and I was desperate. Enter    What I have experienced in the last year is PRICELESS. Energy to spare, best shape of my life, mental clarity, and just being properly fueled. Beyond that, I have a sense of community with so many wonderful people, who really have become my second family. Because I felt so amazing, I naturally started to share my results and have actually replaced my husband's National Guard income and paid for my son's entire year of private school - all without having to put my youngest in daycare. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to realize how much this has changed my life!